Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dream of Losing my Right Eye

In my dream I woke up one day with painfully infected eyes. The skin around my eyes was dark, discolored, and puffy. I examined my eyes in a mirror, opening my eye wider by pulling the top lid up and the bottom lid down with my right thumb and finger. My eye socket became the sole object of focus, and became a cavernous cave. There was horrible brown stringy goop in my cave like eye. When I leaned in to look closer, my right eye fell out into my hand. I was very scared at this point and asked Rob to take me to the hospital. Somehow we were transported there immediately. While waiting for a doctor to look at my eye, I decided that I didn't want my eye to dry out, so i put it in my mouth for safe keeping. Apparently that wasn't a safe place as it squashed in my mouth, pushing out a yellow goo that kinda tasted like egg yolk. I gagged slightly, spit it out, and then it was forgotten. Even though I no longer had a right eye I could still see. My perspective was a little flattened, yet sharper and brighter. The doctor finally looked at the empty eye socket and determined I had gotten some sort of bacterial infection in it. We determined I had picked it up at Regina Beach in the sand.

what the hell? is this supposed to mean something? or is it just a really weird dream...

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