Wednesday, June 06, 2007

blogger is dead

Hello? lo? lo? lo?

well --
i do believe the blog-o-sphere has been abandoned. where did everybody go? poor old blogger, left for dead, as we chase the latest online fad. but i have not yet given you up. hip-hip- hooray! here are some images of Meenos and Jane, and a site-specific painting!


Allysia said...

Yay for Kat, nobly carrying on where others have failed! What courage and determination! What resistance to the overwhelming odds of...uh....yeah, I lost it. Hence why I haven't posted. But what's everyone else's excuse?

Some pretty funktacular pictures lately, by the way. (FUNKTACULAR? Now I'm just embarassing myself.)

Danny said...

I still blog. I'm still thinking that facebook is for stalkers. It'll pass or get more control.