Monday, July 09, 2007

Rooster in Flight

Since I started on this rooster commission I've become aware of the various barnyard animal decor available- and there's a lot of it. It's like this weird barnyard decorating cult. Cows, pigs, sheep,and roosters are the four most common animals. You can buy almost anything imaginable with the barnyard animal of your choosing stamped or painted, or molded into the shape of it. I draw the line at barnyard themed wallpaper... thats just unforgivable. Well, I guess this is my contribution to the fine art of Rooster Portraiture. Actually, I would really like to have a real rooster as a pet, along with a few hens, they are pretty interesting creatures. Or maybe I'll just get some of those rooster and hen lawn ornaments instead, with the solar light panels so they light up at night. yeah!

Its a triptych, so here is the left side



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