Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yew Trees - Pencil Sketches

Ok, these are a bit better. So, now I need to put the realistic drawings within a mystic atmosphere... Unfortunately these sketches are drawn from images found on the internet. This weekend, though, I WILL climb the mountain and sketch some trees from real life. I like the idea of looking up into the tree, as in reverence or as a child would look up to an adult. In Korea, Yew trees are believed to be the spirits of ancient ancestors. I plan to do the sketches on some rice paper.

I came across an interesting web site created by an English Professor who has been living in Korea for the past 27 or so years. Although the site is pretty simple it has some interesting thoughts about Jamok-namu(Yew Trees) on Taebaek-san and about san-shin (Korean mountain spirits). Taebaek-san is supposed to be full of san-shin.

In other news, there is a "foreigners" art show in Daegu in May and the deadline for entries is April 24th. Hopefully I can get something done and entered in it.


Suresh said...

this is awesome!!!
they are so lucid and the emphasis is amazing.. please keep me posted with your pencil sketches thnaks and kudos!!

Suresh said...

i also sketched a tree bark, from my mind.. after being inspired by your sketches here.. but i'm unable to move beyond the outline :( your emphasis of shades in pencil is truly amazing!