Friday, April 03, 2009

Despair, self pity and a painting of my "Short Cut"

Well, I think my previous painting is a lost cause. On Sunday I'm going to climb the mountain, take my sketch book and draw some Yew trees from real life. I think the Yew Tree should be an ink drawing on a rice paper background. Also, Yew tree from memory is just not working out.

Anyway, I did this painting below to blow off some steam. It's a little sad to me that landscapes/cityscapes are currently looked down on now as frivolous and meaningless art. I really like them. Some exciting things happen in city-scapes. This painting is of a little short cut that I take everyday coming home from work. It's a smelly little sewer river, but pretty in it's own way.

I especially like the way these three buildings turned out. I like how natural and relaxed it is.

So, in conclusion,

I guess I'm forever destined to be in the Museum of Bad Art. I can only dream.

And here is a picture of my two biggest fans watching me work...Peace.

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Katherine said...

Thanks for the encouragement!
You definately may post my pictures, and it would be great if you could link it too.