Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Memory of Pearson

I'm sorry to say that I must share some sad sad news. Our family dog, Pearson, was hit by a car on the highway and died. Such a silly yellow dingo dog, I remember bringing him home when he was just a puppy from the neighboring farm, all ears and tail. He always greeted me when I came home with a hop and a perpetual wagging tail. Even after I left home, Mom would say that Pearson would wait at the driveway for the school bus to stop, and was confused when it just drove by. You were a great lovable friendly grinning dog, and we will all miss you.
Rest in peace, pup.

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Pilot said...

You were the friendliest farm dog I've ever seen. Thanks for playing with Bootsy once ;).

RIP Pearson.