Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have just discovered the most amazing site ever www.whatsthatbug.com. the bug pictured above is called a sun spider, and "is harmless unless you are a small arthropod". This humorous and informative site has amazing photos of crazy critters, bug love, and unnecesary carnage. At first you may feel a bit squeamish, but after looking at bugs for awhile you may start to appreciate their buggy beauty.

I recently read a book about earthworms. fascinating creatures that seem so delicate and weak, but over hundreds of years can change the face of the planet. Also did you know that there are no worms native to canada? All worms are introduced species (hitching rides in potted plants and bottoms of shoes)
Apparently Darwin believed that worms had a certain amount of intelligence. He tested them on their ability to bring paper triangles into their burrows. Strange but true. i am starting to read his paper now, and you too can read it here The Formation Of Vegetable Mould Darwin is pretty easy to read, so give it a go and you too may be sucked into the vastly interesting topic of worms.

A lesson is to be learned here. just because bugs look frightening, does not mean you should squish them. most bugs are harmless to humans. learn to appreciate them and a whole new world will open up to you.

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