Sunday, September 17, 2006

Room For Changing

our primal instinct is to fear the fire
destruction we believe to be its one desire
impossible to tell where the flames may go
as chaos directs this blazing inferno

completely consuming all in its way
the living, the old, the dry, the decay
unfair, i cry, this cremation of trees
in the air it is sharp, a death scented breeze

Though we may despise this ugly stage
natures rule is let the fires rage
when the land is cleared, with nothing remaining
there is room for renewal, growth, and changing.

walking through this black ash filled grave
a green leaf flutters, as if to wave
without old trees to block the sun
in pheonix fashion new life has begun

15th Avenue
The show is titled Room for Changing and has been a six week additive installation. I am the last show of this gallery and the reception is September 23rd at 7 o'clock. the poem is my artists statement for the piece. be there to congratulate Rob Boss on a successful gallery and to wish him luck in the future. There will be food, drinks, and oh

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