Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Has-Binns Relay Team

Today I ran in my first Marathon. I feel it is an accomplishment worthy of the Blogdom. Rob can attest to how nervous I was about this event, as I couldn't sleep for the life of me, and kept waking him up to tell him so. After a night of vivid nightmares about getting lost on the track, and missing the start of the race because of a tuba player, it was time to wake up and head out to the real event. My family (Dad, Mike, Wendy, Nathan...yes Nathan) ran a relay, and I was to be the first on the track. At 8 o'clock sharp the race had begun, and 3000 people began to run, walk, or wheelchair to the finish line 42.2 km away. My part in the race was to run the first 7 km, which I did in approximately 55 minutes. Hooray for me, because I did it without walking at all! We ran the marathon collectively in 4 hours and 16 mins. Not the best time, but we were in the top 50. In related news, in the news, specifically the Leader Post, there is an article on the Has-Binns Team, as well as a photograph. If you wish to see this article, I am sure that my mother has at least a dozen copies, framed and ready to hang on the wall.


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Pilot said...

My mom sent me her copy of the paper... I replied by showing her my copy with beards applied to the girls and devil horns for the rest.

Good work Binns'!