Thursday, January 07, 2010


Hey folks,

More and more my stat counter tells me that I have new people visiting my blog. Thanks for reading! Unfortunately I'm really busy at the moment teaching classes and preparing for English camps. Also, I started reading some new books, which in reality is not a good thing for me. I can happily read all day if no one stops me. I read the new Stephen King book, "Under the Dome" in about 3 days. The book has more than 1000 pages. I'm not bragging, it just means I have no life :-(
Also, in the next few weeks I will also be preparing to move back to Canada. :-)

I hope that next week will be a little less crazy and I can post some sketches, although my sketches lately are few and far between. I can blame the books, TV, work but really someone just needs to kick my ass into gear. And that someone should be me.

In February though, I will be on vacation in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I hope to do many many sketches so hopefully I can find a computer in the midst of my travels and post a few of them.

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