Saturday, July 04, 2009

If I make a painting as beautiful as this, then I can die happy...

Henry Wo Yue-Kee

Mr. Wo was born in Quangdong, China. Wo studied art in China and Hong Kong with Prof. Chao Shao-An. The artist came to live in Hong Kong in his 20s. After traveling and exhibiting widely in Asia, Australia, Canada and the U.S., in 1975 Mr. Wo moved to the United States. Wo now lives in Virginia in the U.S. where he continues to teach, paint and exhibit. Wo is an admirer of nature. Every one of his paintings is a poem in praise of the wonders and beauty of nature. His painting reflect his deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and for the beauty in all living things. Among the more familiar themes of his paintings are birds, flowers, landscapes and animals and plants often represented in their natural surroundings. Wo is particularly a master of the many forms of the lotus, which are often represented in his paintings.

Enjoying The Pond, 1992
33x18 in.(84x46 cm)
Mr. Wo is a master of strong brush strokes, which are softened by luxuriant use of color and numerous washes. These combine to give his watercolors a dreamlike, eretheral quality which he achieves by detailing only the main subject matter in his paintings but leaving much of the composition loosely representational, a technique which combines eastern and western artistic elements.

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