Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making art can be frustrating!

Well, here is Paper Art #1, AKA Pink Rabbit at Sunset. :-D It's not exactly how I imagined it to be at the beginning. I felt really bogged down by this piece, and just wanted to finish it. Sometimes its best to just move on. Not everything can be end up being the way you first imagined it. (In fact, most things I create become something entirely different. I'm not convinced that is a good thing, although happy accidents are awesome too.) But I must remember not to be too hard on myself, especially when experimenting with a new medium. Yes, I will try to keep telling myself that. I must admit it is a bit of a downer... Next picture I hope will go a bit smoother! I'm also trying to teach myself how to work faster. Faster and better. Like a machine? Too bad I need to sleep and work, it just gets in the way...

Here is the next paper project.

I think after this one though, I'm going to switch to watercolour for the next project (Painting of Yew Tree in Fog) Then I will probably do the Yew Tree in paper as well.

Anyway, just for fun here is an adorable picture of Micha and Nabi sleeping in their box together.

Night All!

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