Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Weekend Trip to Winnipeg...

Hey all,
here is a sketch I did of my Aunt Alva's extremely adorable dog JayJay. Sigh, tomorrow is the last day of our trip, and i have to say it was quite fun but far too short. Today I saw the coolest marsh creature that had the whole family stumped. It looked like a really long, skinny worm. It was about 16 inches long, and really most people would mistake it for a piece of dark grass, but i happened to catch it moving. it had no discernable head and no segments. just one looooong wormy thing, but not squishy like a worm. very odd, i shall be researching this further...
AHA! i did a little research, and it didn't take long to find out that it is called a Horsehair Worm.
it is a kind of nematode which is harmless to humans. it's only parasitic to small creatures such as crickets.

Winnipeg's downtown is probably the most interesting city center I have seen in all my travels, architecture wise. (I have to say that Times Square in NY was the most terrifying. Koln, Germany the most romantic and mythic.) Rob and I had a great day exploring downtown Winnipeg, visiting some of our favourite Winnipeg stores... but it wasn't quite the same without staying at the Roslyn apartments and having Mark be our personal tourguide:) But instead of staying with Mark we stayed at my big brothers house. Spent a lot of time with my brother Aaron and his two beautiful girls; which entails being bossed around by a 4 year old, but really how can i resist?

Also Went to the WAG and experienced baroque paintings. very dramatic paintings, they use a lot of symbolism and vanitas/still life imagery. but the painting style was very inspiring. A combination of realism and the added touch of a few choice areas being really painterly, so that you could see the movement of the artists paintbrush (it wasn't all slick with thin transparent coats of paint like most dutch paintings).

this isn't the best example of what i am trying to explain, but i did really enjoy this painting. the monks clothing was amazing.

But alas, its back to work (if you can call it that) on monday. and also how did that dress-as-an-emokid party go? sorry i missed it!! (i'm secretly an emo kid)

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