Monday, May 29, 2006

Rainy Days

Well folks, sitting here with very very little to do. My new employment as a Hot Dog Vendor in Vic Park is a great summer job, unless it rains all summer, then it's not so good. Being A Hot Dog vendor isn't very mind stimulating, although very stress free. After five years of constant stress and activity, i find myself in a void. Surprisingly pleasant, and yet I feel that I should use this Lull to do SOMETHING. but what? There are so many infinite possiblities. I am working on various art projects in the hopes that something will come from it. I have a commission to create a tattoo, but its pretty uninspired, so i am regretting it already.

Here is a lovely picture of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was like the Most Wonderful Christmas Ever in there. Amazing works of art, one after the was really too much. I spent around 8 hours in there, and still did not see everything. It was my second favorite NY gallery experience, after the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

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